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The 13 Indonesia international packaging exhibition in 2012

The 13 Indonesia international packaging exhibition in 2012


The exhibition to introduce :

北京赛车pk10投注 The exhibition organized by KRISTAEXHIBITIONS exhibition company, and by the Indonesian ministry of commerce and industry in Indonesia and Singapore, Indonesia, Indonesia's health ministry packaging association manufacturers association joint undertaking. Held at the same time also the Indonesian food, medicines, plastic packaging exhibition (2012, ALLPLAS2012 Interfood), double show match this exhibition will gather in southeast Asia and the world's most powerful packaging industry, food industry giants, making food hospitality services and related industry leading enterprises, perfect food industry trend of development. Exhibition content involves all aspects of the food and hotel related services, attract visitors from all over the world, giving the general merchants a perfect business negotiations, developing foreign market opportunities.


Exhibition range:
Baking, related machinery, equipment, supplies, storage, food, medicine, cosmetics and processing and packaging machinery, filling, plastic packaging, automation, material transportation, quality inspection system, retailers, plastic packaging machinery and equipment, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, traders, and related services


Show time: the 2012-11-21-2012-11-21
Display address: Jakarta, Indonesia  

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